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ETHER Sequence workshop.png

Join me for this 90 minute evening summertime workshop to journey through the Ether sequence and discover that empty space which exists between all matter.

The Yoga Synergy sequences are named in honour of the pancha mahabhuta (5 Great Elements) of Hindu philosophy and Ayurveda that are believed to make up all of creation. Each of the five elements is associated with one of the five senses, and acts as the gross medium for the experience of sensations.

Ether is the most subtle and lightest of all the elements and can be experienced through sound vibration. In Ayurvedic terms it is known as "Akasha", meaning "space" or "emptiness" - the space in which everything happens - the empty space between atoms. Ether is the source of all matter and the space in which it exists.


As we know from quantum physics, matter is much less solid than it appears and is mostly composed of empty space.


It is the last of the 5 Yoga Synergy elements sequences and is generally practiced at the start of summer time with the intention to create a sense of balance and calm, to unify and energise the body, mind & spirit. Together we will familiarise ourselves with the Yoga Synergy method and explore the undifferentiated cosmic force, the unified field of Ether, finding harmony and entering into a space of "one mind".

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