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Yoga does not transform the way we see things,
it transforms the person who sees.

- B.K.S. Iyengar

Natasha's transformative journey into yoga commenced in 2011 during her time at drama school, when she discovered the physical and mental benefits of the practice. Driven by a passion for yoga, she became a certified teacher at 23, delving into advanced training in South Africa, India, and Bali. Her dedication led her to the Himalayas, teaching at retreats and deepening her practice in Ashtanga yoga and most notably in Yoga Synergy. 

Now based The Cotswolds, in the UK, she combines Yoga Synergy and Ashtanga/Vinyasa techniques, aiming to impart the healing aspects of yoga and meditation while fostering a balanced and conscious life for her students.

Cape Town, South Africa

Natasha’s insightful Yoga journey started in 2011 at the age of 21 whilst studying her BA degree in Theatre & Performance at UCT Drama School. She discovered the physical benefits of the asana practice and the mental calmness that comes with meditation.

After two years of practising regularly, she decided to further her understanding of yoga by training to become a yoga teacher at the age of 23. Her flair for Yoga drove her to success when she dedicated her life to practise and teach Yoga all over Cape Town.

Natasha completed her first 200 hour Ashtanga Vinyasa intensive Yoga TTC in Cape Town with her teacher and mentor, Jim Harrington. She committed to studying further with her teacher and attained a 300 hour advanced level teacher training with him.

Her passion for yoga led her to India in 2015 where she visited Rishikesh on an advanced Yoga & Meditation training. She then travelled up to Gangotri with the desire to enhance her knowledge.

After experiencing such a deep connection in India, on her return to Cape Town the hunger to understand and learn more about the roots of this ancient practice pulled Natasha back to India permanently. Thereafter in March 2017 she immersed in another 300 hour advanced level TTC in Yoga Synergy with Simon Borg-Oliver in Goa.

Yoga Synergy is an approach to Yoga that has had a profound and healing influence on both Natasha’s personal practice as well her teaching methods. The method was established in 1984 by physiotherapists, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss in Sydney, Australia. Their aim is to teach the ancient art and roots of yoga in a safe, fun and intelligent manner that is also suitable and accessible to the "modern" day body living a modern day lifestyle. It is a unique style based on a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional Hatha yoga. 


more about Yoga Synergy...

Ubud, Bali

After immersing in her Yoga Synergy practice, Natasha began to teach at various yoga retreats in the Himalayas within India. Along the path she developed a keenness for Ashtanga yoga and committed to the practice daily whilst still applying her Yoga Synergy techniques. While focusing on her Ashtanga practice, Natasha was able to attend a Yoga retreat with Deepika Metha and also had the privilege of taking part in an Ashtanga Yoga workshop with the profound Sharatha Jois. 


During this time, in 2019, Natasha felt the urge to once again further her training and so embarked on another advanced level 100 hr Vinyasa Yoga TTC in Bali with Meghan Currie, who had been an early inspiration for her when she began her Yoga Journey. 

Upon returning from Bali, Natasha continued infusing all of her knowledge and experiences with Yoga into her practice and her teaching and she endeavours to refine, evolve and develop her methods and herself as a Yoga practitioner. 

Natasha aims to establish balance in life by incorporating spirituality with the knowledge of asanas (postures) through a gentle vinyasa (flow of movement), pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation (allowing the mind to slow down). She discovers fluidity and ease in her practice through a combination of Yoga Synergy and Ashtanga/Vinyasa Yoga.

Yoga has helped Natasha find physical and spiritual cognisance. She immediately resonated with the practice of yoga and had an intuitive feeling that she was destined to teach and share the ancient knowledge of Yoga.

As a Yoga teacher, her purpose is to spread the healing benefits of the practice by creating a safer and more effective yoga practice for modern practitioners.

She believes in encouragement rather than forcing or pushing her students and allowing them to discover comfort and ease in the postures without causing them harm to their bodies. 


In July 2022 Natasha moved to the UK from India and wishes to share her understanding of Yoga and Meditation, helping individuals enhance their wellbeing by living a more balanced, wholesome and conscious life.

Natasha teaches in a number of venues around Gloucestershire, in the Cotswolds. You can see here timetable and book your spot over on the booking page.

Cotswolds, UK
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